Thanks to everyone who engaged with us and made submissions on this interim plan. The consultation is complete and on the 1st of August, council deliberated and adopted the plan in full, approving safer speeds around the network.
The plan was sent to the director of land transport for certification. The plan was certified on 20 September 2023.

Why we wanted your feedback

As part of the National Road Safety Strategy – the Road to Zero, central government has introduced new legislation and guidance which required us to change the way we set & manage speed limits on our roads, through the development and implementation of a Speed Management Plan.

This was a great opportunity to improve on the poor road safety statistics in our district, where we sit among the most at-risk communities in the country.

The feedback period has now closed but you can still read a copy of our draft Interim Speed Management Plan consultation document to find out more about the changes we proposed. Ones we can make now to achieve better outcomes for our communities.

What we're working on now

Now that we have adopted our Interim Speed management Plan, we need to develop and consult on our proposals for the Regional Speed Management Plan, which we are required to develop, and will set out the remainder of our transition to safer speed limits across the district over the next 10 years.

A report then went to the Ordinary Council Meeting on 12 September 2023 to establish a clear and transparent direction from Council, in order to proceed with development and consultation on the 2024 Speed management Plan, while highlighting the considerations, risks and costs associated with the options.

Council adopted Option 3 and the approved resolution will be available after the meeting minutes are adopted at the next full council meeting.

Keep an eye out here on Connect | Hono Mai for further consultation on the 2024 Speed Management Plan.