Thank you to everyone who took part in the consultation and provided feedback on the plan. We will now collate all the feedback received, before starting work on modifying the masterplan. A further project update will be provided in due course.


Council have been talking with iwi, hapū, Waihau Bay Fishing Club, and the local community as part of the Reserve Management Plan consultation and treaty settlement redress negotiations. These discussions have coincided with an increase in visitor numbers into the area during the peak holiday period and when the tuna is in close to shore.

The increase in visitors, although welcomed and beneficial to the local economy, have had some negative impacts in terms of parking, congestion, littering and other environmental concerns. The intention is to create a plan that sets out how the aspirations of the community can be met over the coming years, as well as agreeing on ways to tackle some of the negative impacts of increased visitor numbers.

Council called for public feedback on the concepts below before they are adopted and an implementation plan is developed.

Note on the boat ramp

As part of the Treaty settlement, the Crown will acknowledge the enduring mana of the Te Whānau-ā Apanui hapū Te Whānau-a-Pararaki over Tamatari. Public access and use of the boat ramp will continue as part of the settlement but may be restricted for reasonable periods of time for reasons such as cultural or hapū activities and maintenance (as can currently happen). Details of the ongoing management of the boat ramp will be covered in a hapū document that will be prepared by Te Whānau-a-Pararaki in consultation with ŌDC. This document may include details of a charging arrangement for use of the boat ramp.


Feedback was able to be provided online, by email, hard copy form or in person at one of our drop-in sessions:

  • Coast Community Board meeting on 15 August 10am Te Runanga o Te Whānau (meeting open to the public)
  • 19 August Waihau Bay Fishing Club 2-3pm

The feedback period was then extended and and closed on 8 September 2023.

Concept 1 - Central Zone

An aerial view of Waihau Bay showing concepts for improvements
  • Establish the entrance of the bay with signage.
  • Install traffic calming features.
  • Enhance family picnic area along the shoreline.
  • Improve the parking space for boat users.
  • Replace and relocate the public toilet to the north.
  • Upgrade the existing jetty.
  • Relocate the weigh station.
  • Additional outdoor dining area(s).
  • Revamp pedestrian walkway.
  • Improvements to the existing boat ramp.

Concept 2 – Southern Zone

An aerial view of Waihau Bay showing concepts for improvements
  • Establish the entrance of the bay with signage.
  • Consider road re-alignment (long term aspiration).
  • Install additional speed hump(s).
  • Create walking track along shoreline.
  • Retain the existing trees.

Please note: the letters A-F no longer relate to specific features on these concept drawings. They were ideas from early conversations with the local hapū and whānau about options like pou, signage, seating or plantings but none made it through to these designs for consultation.